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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Plans Right Now

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Home Plans Right Now
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25 July

5 Ways to Improve Your Home Plans Right Now

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Below are 5 simple ways to improve your home plans. RDA Homes has provided minor tweaks to many builder plans. Some simple realignment will do wonders for your plans.

1. Entry - Today's families are carrying more things than ever when coming home; bookbags, computers, tablets, keys, mail, etc. We all need a place to leave our "stuff" when we enter our homes.  RDA Homes has studied these recent trends and has found one idea that can be implemented easily.  You can carve out a small 2' x 5' space next to the entry door and provide a small bench with storage below and above for the whole family.



2. Views and Focal Points - When creating travel paths through the design, ensure that there are focal points at the end. When entering from an entry point, layer views with cased openings and windows centered on the travel path. Use recessed elements, natural light, and ceiling elements to create events along the travel path. Try to eliminate boring hallways that only have solid doors. 



3. Create Multi-Use Areas - Provide at least one flex area in the house that can be customized to meet a variety of needs. Perhaps a "micro-office" can be paired with a crafting area or a guest bedroom with a Murphy Bed can double as a complete home office. Utilize barn doors or sliding pocket doors to provide the most flexibility. Allow your customers to design the area to meet their needs.



4. Storage, Storage and More Storage - Look at any small areas in your plan that could accommodate additional storage. Perhaps areas over doors, under stairs, along wide hallways. A great place for storage is in an entry way to the Master Bedroom. Line it with doors or cabinets and the area becomes more than just a typical hallway. By adding storage areas, it allows your buyers to personalize rooms and to have an area that creates attention.



5. Historical Accuracy - Utilize different resources when building traditional homes. Forgo anything that is "fake" on the elevations.  Everything should have a purpose. Don't use shutters on double windows. Don't use pretend materials that should have support below them. There are a number of books available that can aid you in being true to the profession. Do your research and be true to the profession. If you're not sure, contact RDA Homes with any questions you may have.