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What is a builder spec home

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16 October

What is a builder spec home

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There are three primary categories of homes a buyer can choose from. On one end of the spectrum is the custom-built home, where a consumer works with a builder to put together a plan to build a home that caters to the homebuyer’s specifications. This can include everything from the actual floor plan, to colors and materials, and even the fixtures that are built into the home. This is the most expensive option by far, but for people who want to be fully involved in the construction of their home from start to finish.

On the other end of the spectrum is what is called production housing. This is basically a series of standard homes built in a neighborhood that all have the same basic floor plan and very little customization at the time of the initial build. Production housing is the least expensive kind of housing because the builder can buy materials in bulk and the actual construction can follow an almost “assembly line” process where the laborers do the exact same thing over and over for each house.

 In between these two options is what is known as a spec home (short for speculative). This is where a builder or owner chooses a predesigned  house plan and any customization of a home based on what he or she thinks they would like to change.

Home Plan Source provides builders and owners with hundreds of options when it comes to floor plans designed by an award-winning architect. Best of all, the plans are customizable, giving home buyers the best of both worlds between buying a pre-built spec house and a custom-built home. Purchasers can save thousands of dollars over custom plans, and they can speed up the timing of the buildout by reducing the time it would take an architect to design plans from scratch. It’s perfect for buyers who want customization, but who may not want to be involved in every minute detail that goes into the construction process.