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Coastal Home Plans

Award Winning Coastal Home Plans Designs  -

RDA Homes is an award winning residential architect, specializing in exceptional coastal homes in seaside communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.  Our designs incorporate traditional coastal details, while providing fresh modern elements.  Our Coastal Design collection boasts a variety of designs that would be appropriate in all manners of villages and towns.  
The majority of people preparing to build a home do not have the ability to hire a custom Architect to design their home.  Working with local builders, they are required to select a home from their portfolio and to mildly customize the design to suit their needs.
No longer….
Our homes have been designed and built with exceptional care to ensure that they can be reconstructed throughout all parts of the country.  Our coastal home plans range in size and complexity to fit all budgets and tastes.  We are sure that one of the selections on this page can accommodate your needs and fulfill your vision of your next home.

Why select a plan from RDA Homes?

These coastal home plans are known for their distinctive look and creative use of space – that refreshing and unique look. The plans use for inspiration, seaside homes that are found throughout the coastal towns of Virginia and North Carolina. Farm homes, bungalows, Victorian styles are all present in the collections.  Our plans are unique and have been developed to suite a variety of families.
Enjoy the charm and allure of our designs while you browse our selections.  If you find a plan that you feel would serve you well, but have questions, please contact us.  We can customize all plans to suite particular needs.
Yes, most of the designs used in these plans have already been used for several times, but that’s where its key difference lies. The designs are tested in real-world conditions. Each time the designs are used, it is always followed with improvements, which is what made them attractively unique. Designers of the company believe in one thing – all home buyers should only be presented with well-designed home plans. That’s what you can find here.
If you have a lot that you would like to building and are not sure if a home design will work for you, call us at the number at the top of the page and we can review your situation and provide a recommendation.  We may have other plans that would also work effectively on your lot.


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